Our products

Our range chiefly consists of small leather ware items, accessories, ladies' handbags and promotional gifts. For the creation of our various collections, we select only the highest quality raw materials, both in leathers and PVC. In its designs, Rubinstein places a high premium on creativity. Each season is heralded with a new collection created by our stylists. All of our collections are tailored to the tastes and prevailing fashion trends on the markets where the collections are headed to. Designed to be worn separately or as part of an ensemble, you will find yourself delighting in each and every single one of quality design products.

In order to ensure unrelenting customer satisfaction, we uphold 5 crucial precepts: permanent stock availability, close monitoring of on-going market trends, a keen sense of fashion, uncompromising quality and competitive prices! Whatever the time of year, your customers can rely on Rubinstein to come up with the right product that is sure to suit their taste or that perfect gift they have been looking for!

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