Our concept and packaging

The Rubinstein concept is an original as well as revolutionary approach of the distribution industry. We have comprehensively studied the imperatives set out by the mass distribution sector and ready-to-wear chains with one aim in mind: to make your life more comfortable whilst offering you unsurpassed value for money. Our solution is straightforward: maximum flexibility in the delivery of our products (48 hours across the Benelux) and our packaging. Our sales representatives are more than happy to visit you on a regular basis in order to constantly keep abreast of your needs and requirements. The icing on the cake has to be the fact that we have permanently banished the term 'stock-out' from our stock management vocabulary. All for your benefit and that of your customers!

Rubinstein has devised its own patented ultra high-performance recycling packaging system. More than mere packaging, here is a innovative presentation concept. How? Quite simply by tailoring our know-how to your needs and requirements. By closely examining your needs in this area, we are able to present you with the type of packaging that is best suited to your situation:

  • our packaging solutions take full consideration of the different types of shelving that exist,
  • your products are protected against shoplifting thanks to an in-built alarm system,
  • our re-provisioning procedures combine swiftness and efficiency,
  • we place your orders on the shelves for you.

With its unwavering professionalism, remarkable dynamism and sterling efficiency, Rubinstein enables you to sell high quality products at unbeatable prices!

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